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  • Daniel Morales (Kuru)

    Producer / Song Writer

    4 years experience $15.00/hr




  • Salvator Jansen

    Producer, Composer

    3 years experience $10.00/hr

    One of the best and versatile Beat/Producer out there. =) Period. =) Just listen to my work. It speaks for itself. Sali aka Hey Salvator 


    Electronic Music Producer

    11 years experience $11.00/hr

    Electronic Music producer:
               With more than 10 years of producing experience in multiple DAW platforms like FlStudio, Ableton, Logic, Nuendo, Sonar. Have a specialty in producing Remixes for 10 years and also arranging music for different genres of different composition types. 

    Mix and Master Engineer:
               An experience of more than 8 years in professionally mixing different projects in the electronic genre, and finally mastering those projects to achieve the market quality gain level.

    Podcast producer:
              All djs and best online radio channels have one thing in common is their beautifully produced pod-casts. i produced my first podcast 7 years ago BDM online radio and since than i have developed  a list liking for producing pod-casts of non stop mixes for House,Trance,EDM,Techno etc
    Being Djing for for more than 5 years and i started producing remixes 10 years ago when i was still learning the norms of Electronic music production, I started my career using Fl-studio, Ableton, Cubase and Sonar for different project types i was also very interested in Rock music as i played guitar myself.
            After many years of learning and producing in the dark i finally decided to legalize my experience and took a course in Electronic Music production form Sae AAT Mumbai. where i honed topics like:
    Basics of sound and studio equipments.
    Concepts of digital Recording, effects and signal processors.
    Music theory & concepts of different electronic genres.
    Sampling, Synthesis and Advanced synthesis.
    Programming techniques with Ableton, Logic and Nuendo.
    Voice tracking & concepts of advanced audio editing and mixing.
    Re-mixology and Audio Mastering.
                     i have a been producing remixes for a while and from time to time i do additional programming job for various Bollywood producers.   
                I am comfortable in producing several genres of Electronic Music like House, EDM, Techno, Trance, Electro,Trap, remixes and other sub genres of electronic music.
                And i am most comfortable to work on Daw platforms like Fl-studio, Ableton, Logic and Cubase.

  • Drew Fair

    Beat Maker

    2 years experience $20.00/hr

    I love making beats, If you need low price good beats then I am your man. Check out my soundcloud (Drew Fair) if you want to hear some beats. 

  • Branson Ames

    Audio Engineer

    6 years experience $20.00/hr

    Audio Engineer • Composer • Producer
    Space|Time Signature Productions

  • Jordan Jay


    7 years experience $30.00/hr

    Dutch Producer with a career in EDM. Also produces for some of the biggest artists in the scene. Has found success in trap/hiphop as well as other genres.

  • Alex Jordan


    11 years experience $45.00/hr

    1. 20 year old DJ and producer. I have played at Ultra Music Festival and played along side some of the biggest DJs in the World! I do do ghost producing as well please email me for information of that.

  • Avi Sharma


    2 years experience $20.00/hr

  • a'Marie X


    4 years experience $35.00/hr

    17 year old female music producer

    Toronto, Canada.


  • Pharaohdagod


    10 years experience $100.00/hr


    HD Producer

    22, from Atlanta ,Ga 

    Twitter: @pharaohdagodhd

    IG: @1pharaohdagod

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