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  • Predhitta Beatz


    7 years experience $40.00/hr

  • Toyosi Joseph

    producer, graphics designer

    6 years experience $100.00/hr

  • Manuel Garay

    Record Producer

    6 years experience $20.00/hr

    Originally from Munich, Manuel Garay is a progressive electronic music producer that has had a steady presence in the German electronic music scene since the age of 18, he toured internationally with his previous act ‚ ‘Cocolores’ in which he was signed to berlin based label Exploited Records. His most recent work marks an evolution from more formulaic pop music, a new freedom is evident in his sound as he works to incorporate influences from an international sphere. He stays true to his electronic roots, but plays more with heart felt deep grooves that draw more on his part Carribean heritage. New exciting projects are in the pipeline for this young artist as a true tastemaker, one to keep an eye on in the coming months.

    Listen to my music:


  • Marcus Callender


    6 years experience $30.00/hr

    whats Up

    I am Vclassbeatz. I mix record and produce beats. Let me know how I can help or assist you with any of your needs. I’ll do my best to help where ever you need. #Justplaythebeatvclass 

  • Jean Augustin


    8 years experience $30.00/hr

    I’m SymphOz

    I make Hip-Hop/Rap, Trap, R&B, Pop Instrumentals.

    My vibe consists of mainly chilling melodies supported by bouncy drums, providing not just a beat, but a full experience.

    – Connect with me today – 

    Instagram: @symphoz

    Twitter: @symphoz245

    Email: symphoz245@gmail.com


  • Christian Getz

    Artist, Producer & Audio Engineer

    8 years experience $22.00/hr

  • mensh | sixty-five

    Music Producer

    10 years experience $20.00/hr

    i’m trap beatmaker , i make unusual beats.




    Contact: mensh5501@gmail.com

  • Young Weezy

    Beatmaker, Producer, Rapper

    7 years experience $39.00/hr

    Hey my friends! My name is Young Weezy. Producer, Rapper, Beatmaker ( Russia ).

    Follow Me

    Twitter: twitter.com/youngweezytrap

    Instagram: instagram.com/youngweezyofficial

    VK: vk.com/young_weezy

    E-mail: youngweezybooking@gmail.com

  • Kayd herriman

    Beatmaker and DJ

    4 years experience $30.00/hr

    official website and beat store


  • Raul Tivane

    Music Producer

    7 years experience $50.00/hr

     Im music producer from mozambique and make crazy and cool beat vibes

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